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I get it, things come up and sometimes it is out of our control. As I highly value your time, I kindly ask that you do the same for me.

Please review my policies before booking an appointment.






Cancellations: All appointments cancelled less than 24 hours prior to your appointment time will be charged 50% of the service you were booked for at that time. I am extremely understanding when it comes to emergencies and situations that are out of our control. That being said, please text or call ASAP in case of an emergency where you are unable to show.


No-call, No-shows: It is not in my best interest to have to charge you for the service you were schedule for, however, any no-call, no-show results in a 50% charge of the service you were booked for since at this point, it is too late of notice for me to fill that slot with someone else. Please value and respect my time as I do yours.


If you are running late to your appointment, please notify me immediately. I will always try to be flexible and accommodate you as much as I can, however, if a client is booked right after you and you are more than 10 minutes late, you will be charged a 50% late fe as I can no longer fulfill your service that day and I must respect the time of my next scheduled client


There are no returns for open and used products purchased through Carlye Johnson Aesthetics. 

For products purchased directly through Glymed Plus, please reach out to their customer support team in the event that you have any issues or are unsatisfied with a product.

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